50’s Style Dresses: Favorite Trends Of The Decade

If there is one trend that I would like to resurrect in this day and era, it would have to be 50’s style dresses. Why, you ask? The answer is actually very simple and if you can’t see it clearly, you are missing out on something. Dresses made in this era scream everything feminine and girly. Of course, as a woman, I want clothes that emphasize my femininity and my curves yet are able to channel some form of innocence, daintiness and sweetness. I swear, if you have the same style as I do, you will definitely love dresses made from this decade as well. Think about Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly who are the perfect embodiment of a classy and feminine woman and coincidentally considered as the style icons of the decade. These people represent the fashion of the decade. Here are some of my favorite styles of dresses from the 50’s.

Favorite 50’s Style Dresses: Circle Skirts
The 50’s is known for its flamboyant bottoms and intricate designs on women’s wear. Christian Dior infamously debut the circle skirt and couture dressing during this era and made this every woman’s most coveted clothing item of the decade. I, for one, am a huge fan of circle skirts and I can’t imagine the 50’s without this dainty, classy and girly piece of clothing. This is probably the reason why Christian Dior has remained one of my favorite designers of all time (until now that he’s dead and Raf Simons has taken over the designs). You can find a variety of circle skirts with those encrusted with different embellishments as well as those printed with novelty items such as musical notes. The circle skirt will definitely remain an iconic 1950’s clothing item.

Favorite 50’s Style Dresses: New Look Dresses
In line with circle skirts, Christian Dior also made the “new look” dresses famous in this decade. This is a dress that I feel many women of today will definitely still fall in love with if stores were to carry them. The dress is characterized by a tight-fitting bodice and waist and a voluminous circle skirt at the bottom. The waist part if often belted with a ribbon or a real belt tightly to form a small waist line which is why sometimes women who wear this dress also wear a corset underneath. This is the perfect shape former dresses making a woman’s body appear hourglass-like.

Polka Dot Dresses
Aside from floral prints, polka dots are my second favorite print of all time. This is definitely one vintage yet sweet looking as well. Again, popularized by Christian Dior because of a collection he released that were composed of many dots in one clothing item. Soon after releasing this collection, famous actress of the 50’s, Lucille Ball, was seen sporting this trend almost all the time. Because many celebrities were seen wearing one thereafter, the trend has translated into mainstream fashion making it one of the most coveted items during the decade.

Dresses From 50’s
If you have a very feminine and sweet taste in fashion like I do, I am sure you will love dresses from the 50’s as well. These 50’s style dresses are my most favorite and obviously, why I love Christian Dior a lot.